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Allanwater Withdraw Purchase Notice

Allanwater back away

Allanwater Developments has withdrawn its Purchase Notice aimed at Stirling Council.   This was to have been the subject of a hearing to be held in the Cathedral Halls on 25th April: this hearing is now cancelled.

Allanwater’s solicitors say our clients are withdrawing the Section 88 Notice dated 23 August 2016.   They have taken this decision in order that they may issue notices that will focus and limit the matters and parties in dispute.

We wait to see what form this new “focus” will take.

Previously Allanwater had put forward two plans for the same spot on the top of Holmehill: one for a luxury private house and the other for an office block.   These were originally rejected last year; and in March the Council’s Local Review Body confirmed these rejections.   At the same time a “Purchase Notice” was being considered.   Allanwater served this on the Council last year.

A Purchase Notice is a little-known feature of planning law.   A land owner who has been refused planning permission can demand that the local authority buys the site from them.   If the authority refuses, Scottish Government can appoint a Reporter to investigate, usually by holding public hearings.

We at Holmehill Community Buyout are not directly involved.   However, there is one worrying aspect: one of the possible outcomes is that planning permission could be granted for the original proposal(s), overturning the Council’s repeated rejections.

More information about the Purchase Notice can be found on our website.

Image: Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997.

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