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Wildlife Blog Apr 2017

Saturday April 15th 2017

I thought I’d get out on the hill bright and early and catch the early morning songsters, but although it was indeed bright, it was cold with what lttle wind there was definitely coming from the north.   So, maybe because of this, there was less song than I had expected and, for example athough I located a Chiffchaff feeding in some low bushes, it wasn’t until the place had warmed up almost an hour later when I heard it singing.   In those last five minutes on the hill this morning, I also located a couple of calling Bullfinches, a Long-tailed tit, a drumming Great spotted Woodpecker and two Goldfinches, all of which had eluded me up until then.

So although Spring has arrived and there are Swallows and Sand martins to be seen in Dunblane, the Oystercatchers are on their usual nest at the Kier roundabout, and an Osprey passed overhead earlier this week, it doesn’t always feel like it!   Other than the Chiffchaff, no other Summer migrants were up on the hill and there are still a few Icelandic Pinkfeet geese to be seen in the fields along the Allan Water.   On the hill then, not many new flowers are to be seen, except a patch of Wood anemones which have joined the last of the daffodils in flower.   The various trees are at last beginning to come in to bud and early blossom is out on the Blackthorn and Hawthorn bushes.

The Rook colony has now got some 58 active nests, which will probaby be the total for the season though a few still looked under construction.   Jackdaws and Carrion Crows are both on nests and I saw a Blue tit carrying nesting material in to a hole in one of the Oak trees.   The resident pairs of Stock doves were one of the more vocal birds today, along with the Nuthatches.

I disturbed a single female Roe deer up on the top behind the old house and then later saw the Buck, now in full antler along with three other does running away from an out of control dog across the main area.   A few minutes later though, they were down on the Braeport meadow, none the worse heading in to the Brambles.

Click here to see the bird report for April 2017.   Links to all Chris’ blogs, and a note about his survey method, can be found here.

Chris Spray

Image: Wikipedia. “Wood Anemone” by Lilly M– Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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