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Wildlife Blog May 2017

Sunday May 7th 2017

A cool, cloudy early morning, but it quickly cleared and heated up to be another fine sunny day.   Overhead, the sound of the recently returned Swifts heralded the last of the Summer migrants now back in residence and the sound of three different warbler species on the hill was further proof.   A number of Blackcaps were singing, along with the Chiffchaffs, but the new arrival (and a first for the hill) was a Whitethroat, its scratchy loud song being easily told apart from the much more melodious offering from the Blackcaps.   There was a lot of other song, and for the first time I managed to see or hear all four of our woodpecker and allied species in the one visit – a single Green woodpecker calling and a Great spotted woodpecker drumming were joined by a couple of very noisy Nuthatches and a much quieter Treecreeper.

I managed to also record a number of other more quieter species – Goldcrest, Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Long-tailed tits – and although I ‘missed’ such species as Bullfinch and Siskin this time round, the total of 27 in the hour was very good.

In places the ground now has a carpet of blue bells, and although the Daffodils are over there are still small patches of Wood anenome and a couple of clumps of Ramsons, or Wild garlic with its easiy recognisable smell.   Foxgloves are not yet out but their leaves are evident in many places, whilst the early young leaves of the Beech trees have an attractive pale green colour at this time of year.   Three Roe deer does were in the Braeport meadow, their coats almost silvery in colour due to the large amounts of fur they are currently losing as they moult.

Click here to see the bird report for May 2017.   Links to all Chris’ blogs, and a note about his survey method, can be found here.

Chris Spray

Image: Wikipedia. “Common swift” by Paweł Kuźniar, CC BY-SA 3.0

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