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Wildlife Blog Nov 2017

Sunday November 19th 2017

This was a stunning morning to be up on the hill.   Not so much for the wildlife, of which there was relatively little to be seen, but for the gorgeous golden browns and yellows of the leaves on the beech trees as they were caught in the low, early morning sun.   It was definitely the time to have had a camera with you (sadly mine left at home), as the combination of hard frost and ice on the leaves on the ground and the sun glinting through the beech trees was memorable.   The limes and many of the other trees have already lost their leaves, but those on the large, mature beech trees along the top of the hill were all caught in the low sunlight and practically sparkled.

With no wind, bright sun and an early start, I thought I might see quite a few birds, but despite locating some of the ‘quieter’ species, such as Bullfinch, I only recorded 16 species in the hour.   The Bullfinches were sitting high on the top of one of the lime trees, so the male’s bright red cherry colours were easy to see. Less obvious were some 16 or so Redwings which, having eaten out most of the yew berries appear now to have turned their attention to the holly berries, along with a small group of Blackbirds.   Ten Chaffinches was a larger number than usual, but despite their occurrence at several local sites this month, I couldn’t find any Bramblings in amongst the Chaffinches.

The Rooks were in their usual good numbers high in the colony trees, and three Roe deer does were down in the Braeport meadow.

Click here to see the bird report for November 2017.   Links to all Chris’ blogs, and a note about his survey method, can be found here.

Chris Spray

Image:© Caroline Crawford

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