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Wildlife Blog May 2018

Pignut image

Wednesday May 23rd 2018

This was a cool morning, at least at 6:15am when I ventured out, but with no wind and dry conditions it was still a pleasant start to the day. At that hour, not surprisingly I had the hill to myself, though a buck Roe deer watched me as I walked along the road. The deer was feeding on the leaves of a small Oak tree, creating a ‘browse line’ at the height it could reach. Tree leaves are all young, translucent and tender at this time of year, so maybe it was more attractive than mouthfulls of old grass. Around it, the white flowers of Pignut are just emerging, especially on the slope facing the Perth road, whilst elsewhere the Bluebells are looking great. One clump was a very distinct bright pink! A much paler pink was shown by several Cuckoo flowers, whilst one or two Primroses linger on, as do a few clumps Wood garlic, and there were several spikes of Red Campion now to be seen. A clump of Solomon’s seal with its dangling white flowers is presumably a ‘garden escape’, one of several escapes, such as Rhododendron that colonise the hill, whereas a splash of yellow from a Broom or Whin bush could either be wild or an escape.

Birdwise, other than the cacophany emanating from the Rookery, the main noises were coming from numerous singing Wrens. And at last I heard a Chiffchaff this year, two to be accurate both singing at the same time. Two Blackcaps were producing a much more melodious song, and the scratchy sound of a single Whitethroat completed three Summer migrant warblers. By comparison the Blackbirds have gone quiet, as have the Stock doves, though both were present. A solitary Long-tailed tit and a Coal tit were both far too busy feeding than having time to stop and sing, and there seemed to be far more Rabbits around this time than before.

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Chris Spray

Image: Wikipedia.   Conopodium majus; public domain.

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