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Tipis on the Hill

Consultation in Tents

The Carman Family Foundation held a public consultation on the 23rd of September. Tipi tents had been erected on the old house site, each tipi dealing with a different aspect of the Hill’s development, such as provision for wildlife, establishing a garden, training opportunities and so on. Between 250 and 300 people came and gave their opinions.

Each tipi had a facilitator, and ideas were written on large cards put out on the ground, where later visitors could see and comment. The balance of option seemed to favour tiding and maintainance, but leaving the wildness of the hill intact, at least in part.

The trust had done very well in clearing obstacles after the gales on the previous Wednesday, when Dunblane lost several trees, including at least 4 big ones on the hill.

Image: © David Prescott.

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